Effortless Migration:
Between Elasticsearch and OpenSearch
INIFNI Cloud Migration: A secure, high-speed solution for multi-source elasticsearch migration. It support all Elasticsearch and OpenSearch versions, while optimized algorithms and parallel processing guarantee quick and efficient transfers. Whether you're moving to a new Elasticsearch or OpenSearch platform, updating mappings, or upgrading versions, count on INIFNI Migration for a flexible, smooth, and secure migration across multi-cloud environments.
Crafted a unique experience for you
Multi-Cloud Multi-Source Supports multiple data sources, enabling easy migration of data from different origins to the target platform.
Cross-Engine and Cross-Version Seamlessly migrates data across different database engines and versions, whether upgrading the database engine or migrating to a new version.
Simple and User-Friendly Users only need to provide source and target information, and with a simple click, they can complete the entire process of full or incremental data migration.
Secure and Fast
End-to-end encryption ensures the security of data during migration over public networks. The migration process utilizes multi-threading for improved parallel performance.
Management and Monitoring Comprehensive task scheduling, progress tracking, error handling, and log recording allow easy management and monitoring of migration tasks, ensuring timely resolution of any issues.
Flexible and Cost-Effective Flexible pricing models enable better cost control and predictability for data migration. Resources can be allocated on-demand, eliminating the need for expensive hardware equipment and maintenance costs.
Successfully migrated indices securely and quickly
42,922,345,977 Number of Documents
101,344 GB Storage Size
3,055 hours Time Saved
Experience a smoother journey of Elasticsearch/OpenSearch migration
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